Geek Technical Services

How It Works

As long as your computer turns on and can reach the Internet, we can remotely access your system and see exactly what you see. No more the days of trying to explain to a technician over the phone what you are seeing on the screen. And with our "Unattended Remote Support" feature, technicians can connect with our regular clients without the initial setup phase.

01 Our clients can contact us via phone or txt. We will respond with a short link that will take you to the remote access web portal. (Powered by Citrix) If a regular client takes advantage of our "Unattended Remote Support" feature, out techs can simply connect directly saving you time.
02 The client follows along and in 1 to 5 clicks the remote session is open. (Times may very due to client side connection speed. 4 mbps Broadband recomended but not required.)
03 RELAX! Once the connection is made our technicians can take the wheel and make the neccessary repairs, maintinence, or training. Remote access saves you money as our techs can serve several clients at one time so you are not paying while we wait.